All things in their own time! My passion for photography started way back in 2004 when I discovered Flickr. I was lost in the creative expressions of artists who’s work I’ve admired. In 2010 I finally bought my own DSLR started on a journey that leads me down a path of self-discovery that eventually changed my view of myself and the world.

I was the sole photographer and editor for SheISMe Photography at the beginning of 2014 and during the next year and a half developed my style and voice working with models in the yoga and fitness communities.

My intended goal is to always create imagery that shows the subject as a work of art and give us a glimpse into who they are. I believe our stories should be shared in order for us to grow as well as help those we have the chance to connect with. So with each image should be a glimpse into the subject’s personal story and in the deepest way also a glimpse into their soul.

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